Monday, August 25, 2008


today its 25 august 2008 n it was my result day...hv waited alot for this day bcoz i knw hw i cross dat pprs time along with my freinds n fellows but today after geting mashallah a gud score am vry much satisfied n realy vry thankful to ALLAH who helped me in acheiving my score n also thankful to my freinds who suported me alot....without there help maybe i could left with any was a gr8 time. today am not jst happy bcoz of wat i hv got but also of wat my freinds hv got too bcoz i knw how much i spoiled my mind on them.hahahahha......jokes apart. in any sort of situation i guided them n they too...maybe its my one of the best result i ever have n dats y am not finding out words to express my happiness...but its for true dat if u work hard n no matter how u hav done ur work, allah helps u....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

so lonely....

I get so lonely
waiting to hear from you.
Would you please drop me aline
and make my day?
I've been lying here,
thinking about you all day.
I miss you,and I've felt so empty
since you went away.
Only you can make the
sunshine return
and send the darkness
on its way.