Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When you're in pain,

and it seems like

no one understands;

when it has gotten exhausting

to even talk about the way

you're suffering,remember God.

Others may turn their

back on you,but He never will.

You need explain

nothing to Him.

He knows how you suffer,

and He can see what's

in your heart.Lean on Him.

Put your faith in Him.

He promised that He would

never forsake you

,and you can depend on Him.

across the miles

Across the Miles...

Every day I think about you,
and I yearn to see your smile.

Though I miss you terribly
I can feel your love,across the miles.

Promise me that our love
will never fade or disappear,
but will always shine as bright as the sun.
From the bottom of my heart,
I swear that
You'll always be
the only one!