Monday, December 15, 2008

a cute butterfly story.....(heart touching)

Many, many years ago when the Earth was still quite new, there was a beautiful butterfly who lost her mate in battle. To show her grief, she took off her beautiful wings and wrapped herself in a drab cocoon. In her sadness, she could not eat and she could not sleep and her relatives kept coming to her lodge to see if she was okay.
Of course she wasn't, but she didn't want to be a burden on her people so she packed up her wings and her medicine bundle and took off on a long journey. She wandered about for many days and months, until finally she had gone all around the world.
On her journey she kept her eyes downcast and stepped on each stone she came to as she crossed fields and creeks and streams. Finally, one day as she was looking down, she happened to notice the stone beneath her feet, and it was so beautiful that it healed her sorrow.
She then cast aside her cocoon, shook the dust from her wings, and donned them once more. She was so happy she began to dance to give thanks for another chance to begin her life anew. Then she went home and told The People about her long journey and how it had healed her.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008 mind

so much words are there sometimes in our heart which v cant say out n so much thoughts in our mind which v cant settle out,though v knw one day everything will gona b ok but still v think of all such things without noticing dat by waiting v can't move on...wat z all dat wen if it happens to matter how deep v think of anything but wat wen dat thing comes to u and u even wont b able to touch it.........although der r many situations in our lifes but somtimes a litle word can hurt u even more then an was all happened to me not once but many times..somtimes i jst tried to kick off dis life n run away but then an angel let me realise my value wat if i wont get those things which i want,so wat if i can't move on by this world,so wat if i cant stand with others....i have one day all those things which i need, i will b far more ahead then this world n i'll b standing on dat place where i never even dreamed of............. life z vry strange, clearly showing us the rite direction it suddenly creats a glass wall between the joys of our life n us....v even cant break dat wall because somewhere inside v afraid of being hurt but still v want to get those joys.... der r so much hidden words r left inside our heart which v never share with anyone but still v need someones shoulder to cry out 4 those words....