Thursday, September 10, 2009


Tell me one more time to reach your expectations
I’m so tired of these accusations
You yell at me for every wrong thing I do
The fact that I can’t do anything right hasn’t hit you

As I sit in study hall
I wonder if it’s worth it at all
Around my friends I’m always smiling
But when I’m alone my happiness is always dying

I wonder if it hurts
Is living really worse?
I’ve thought about it for so long
But life isn’t some silly love song

There’s so much more
But my mind won’t float to shore
It’s a permanent solution
But I’m tired of this lame illusion

all i am.

Tired of feeling sick,
And sick of being ignored.
I'll open up my wrists,
And show you what's in store.

I'm tired of clinging to life,
It's hanging in the balance.
All I am on this earth,
Is just one big annoyance.