Monday, June 30, 2008

pR33tY g!RL

Pretty girl, who is to blame
Frightened girl, they don’t know her name
Saddened girl, who cries at night
Distant girl, who’s out of sight
Fairytale girl, who don’t exist
Silent girl, without a name
Ignored girl, who’s filled with shame
Faking girl, with plastic smiles
Freakish girl, from a thousand miles
Emotionless girl, cant feel much pain
Darkened girl, who brings the rain
Crying girl, tears start to flood
Psychotic girl, who drains her blood
Hated girl, who no one loves
a weak girl, who’s no longer though
Angry girl, there is no cure
Happy girl, she is no more
Hidden girl, she covers her scars
Prisoned girl, lived behind her life’s bars
Crazy girl, who bleeds so much
Lonely girl, who’s out of touch
Stupid girl, who no one likes
Beaten girl, who always fights
Pretty girl, don’t give up now
Scared girl, don’t be afraid
Distant girl, don’t go away
Worried girl, it'll be alright
Stoner girl, tonight she'll smoke her sorrow
Furious girl, who has no more faith
Depressed girl, who cries and aches
Fallen girl, with broken wings
Disturbed girl, fell off the swing
Ugly girl, not like before
Beautiful girl, she is no more
Pretty girl, who made her life end........

.............yeah that is ME...............

Monday, June 16, 2008

my last day!!!

A great journey of life has once again show me a pause….my another semester got over n now I will be entering into a new one….the time which waz spend waz all a memorable dream n is treasured in my heart…fun wid friends…laughing out on ourselves without any reason….the gossip time jst when the class starts….was such a sweet time….today was the last day before the vacations n v friends have did a lot fun….besides some of bad things happened ,we have enjoyed that precious time a lot……each and every moment brought us a new life and now once again we all are scattered for some time….in this time all of us have different thoughts and plans….but still we all are waiting for the day when we all get reunite again after 3 months and have the same chill program…..