Tuesday, December 2, 2008

....my mind

so much words are there sometimes in our heart which v cant say out n so much thoughts in our mind which v cant settle out,though v knw one day everything will gona b ok but still v think of all such things without noticing dat by waiting v can't move on...wat z all dat wen if it happens to us....no matter how deep v think of anything but wat wen dat thing comes to u and u even wont b able to touch it.........although der r many situations in our lifes but somtimes a litle word can hurt u even more then an attack....it was all happened to me not once but many times..somtimes i jst tried to kick off dis life n run away but then an angel let me realise my value here.....so wat if i wont get those things which i want,so wat if i can't move on by this world,so wat if i cant stand with others....i have one day all those things which i need, i will b far more ahead then this world n i'll b standing on dat place where i never even dreamed of............. life z vry strange, clearly showing us the rite direction it suddenly creats a glass wall between the joys of our life n us....v even cant break dat wall because somewhere inside v afraid of being hurt but still v want to get those joys.... der r so much hidden words r left inside our heart which v never share with anyone but still v need someones shoulder to cry out 4 those words....

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