Monday, February 23, 2009


dear blog..
again 2dy something is in my heart to share it with u...somthing dat even i cant share with my vry own one,somthing dat is vry much hard 4 me to keep in heart...from last few days i hv noticed those things which i hvnt seen since from my childhood..secrets of my family...thoughts of my parents. i never thoght life could become so hard 4 me vry soon. never hav imagined that i hv to paid with my tears the love n care of my family. if it was so then Allah y u hv gvn me all dat. some1 once said to me dat wn der z all dark in heart,a bright ray come from somwhere but wenever i strt beleiving in dat the ray which comes makes me realise dat its light z also not for so long....the words i hv listend hv made me so hard to live up..wenevr i manage to forget everything,right after sometime i was caught by the dark arms of surprises.....dun knw how could i come out of it, my heart z lost so much in all dat which i never hv thoght of..... i was thinking y am not like wat i was in past, n am so stupid dat i thought its maybe coz i grown up....but its not wat i thought. it were the words of my family...the reality of our family,a vry loving family but still like a death cave for me.. wenever i plan to go throgh somwhere,dat way closes all its doors for me....y its always me?y its jst me ? if there is always somthing good behind bad,wen would it happen? wat will b it? .............

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Ahmar said...

ahhh, I do believe life is complete package and that includes all sorts of things..but remember, nothing lasts forever in this world..If you are not feeling great these days, believe me, there will be days in future when you will feel just the opposite..(again not for ever :) )..
but this is life and one should aim to take it as a challenge and derive fun from the little things that come in our way....:)